Foreign Body Aspiration in Children: Current Trends in the North of Jordan

Jamal Merei, Mabrook Alsrehin, Faisal Abu-Ekteish


Objective: Foreign body aspiration is a common and serious problem among children accounting for 7% of the lethal accidents in children aged 1to 3 years. The aims of this study were to examine the current trends in paediatric foreign body aspiration at the North of Jordan and to develop safety guidelines that aid in prevention of this hazard.

Methods: Records of children who underwent bronchoscopic examination for foreign body aspiration between March 2002 and April 2005 were reviewed retrospectively. Age, sex, history of foreign body aspiration, symptoms, radiological examination and bronchoscopic findings were recorded and analyzed.

Results: A total of 127 patients underwent rigid bronchoscopic evaluation with a median age of 24 months. FBA was confirmed in 102 patients (80%). Of these, 22 (21.5%) were less than one year of age, 70 (68%) were less than two years of age and 78 (76%) were less than three years old. Nuts such as sunflower seeds, water melon seeds and peanuts were found in 45% of children less than one year of age, in 61% of children less than two years and in 65% of children less than three years of age. Inorganic material such as pins, plastic and metal toys’ pieces were present in 71% of children above the age of three years.

Conclusion: Our infants and toddlers in North of Jordan have been aspirating nuts at a high rate. A public awareness campaign is warranted. Parents must be awared that children under the age of three years should not be fed nuts.


: Foreign Body, aspiration, Children, North of Jordan.

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