Nursing Caring: Different Perspectives(Review Articles )

Hala M. Oubeidat, Nawal K. Abu-Abboud, Ahmad H. Al-Duhoun, Hala S. Gheeshan


Caring has emerged as a central paradigm in nursing and has become the essence and the core process of nursing practice that reflects the central mission of nursing. Caring has been related to the patient outcomes and satisfaction. This article examines the different perspectives of caring in nursing literature, as related to caring to nursing knowledge, anthropology of caring, Islamic perspective of caring and the philosophical inquiry that suites caring knowledge with emphasis on the utilization of both the empirical/ reductionism approach and the interpretive phenomenological approach to generate authentic scientific nursing knowledge. Throughout this paper, caring epistemology and ontology will be viewed as essential paradigm to nursing profession.


Nursing, caring, phenomenology and empiricism

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