Acute Appendicitis in North of Jordan- A 10 year Survey

Ghazi R. Qasaimeh, Yosef Khader, Ismael Matalqah, Sabah Al Nemri


Objective: The study aimed to study the demographic features, rates of negative appendectomies and rates of perforation in all patients submitted to appendectomy in a 10 -year period.

Methods: A retrospective review of 3894 patients submitted to appendectomy in the period 1997-2006, in three teaching hospitals in north of Jordan was conducted. The analysis included the variables: age, sex, presence of inflammations, perforation or other pathological findings.

Results: The negative appendectomy rate was 23.2%. It was more in females (30.4%) compared to males (16.3%). The perforation rate was 14.5%, which was found to be higher in males (16.5%) compared to that in females (12.1%), and was high in elderly patients (38.2%) and children below 11 years (21.7%).

Conclusion: Our negative appendectomies and perforations are considered high (although it compares with many studies in literature). This reinforces the need to rely more in ultrasonography, computerized tomography and laparoscopy.


Acute Appendicitis, Negative Appendectomy, Demographic features, Survey, Perforation

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