Entry Criteria and Nursing Students’ Success

Muayyad M. Ahmad, Reema R. Safadi


Background: Nursing students are supposed to posses certain personal and academic characteristics during the admission process into nursing schools. The purpose of this study was to examine if admission criteria which include students' gender, high-school grade (Tawjihi), and desire to study nursing may predict chances of success as indicated by satisfaction with nursing study, grade point average, and like-nursing.

Methods: A cross-sectional design was used with a convenience sample of 224 nursing students in their final year in a public university in Jordan.

Results: The results showed that gender of nursing students and their high-school grades were able to predict the students' grade point average and those who liked nursing. Furthermore, the choice to study nursing based on desire was able to predict that students will be more satisfied with studying nursing; however, it did not predict the students’ grade point average, whether it will be high or not.

Conclusions: School grades and students’ desire to study nursing are recommended as an admission criteria for potential success in nursing programs.


Entry criteria; Nursing students; Success

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