Castleman’s Disease: Two Case Reports, with Review of Literature

Abdel Hadi Breizat, Amal S. Al-Tahieneh


Castleman’s Disease (CD) is a rare disorder characterized by a benign atypical proliferation of lymphatic tissue, and can occur anywhere along the lymphatic channels in either localized or multicentric(systemic) forms. Most cases occur as a mediastinal mass, although about one quarter of cases presented as neck and abdominal masses whether nodal or extra nodal. We present two patients, one is a 58- year old man with localized cervical mass, who was treated successfully by local excision. The other is a 30-year old female complaining from a retroperitoneal mass abutting the caudate lobe of the liver, mistaken as liver haemangioma, which was then successfully removed laparoscopically. More than three years of follow-up followed with no recurrence noticed.


Castleman’s disease, cervical mass, retroperitoneal mass

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