Immediate Surgical Repair of Penile Fracture: Experience in 14 Cases

Mohammed A. Al-Ghazo, Ibrahim F. Ghalayini, Yousif S. Matani, Ibrahim H. Bani-Hani


Objective: The aim of this study is to detect the results of immediate surgical repair of penile fracture.

Patients and Methods: In the period from 1998 to 2008, 14 patients were treated at Princess Basma Hospital and King Abdullah University Hospital with the diagnosis of penile fracture. Patient’s age ranged between 23 and 39 years (mean 30.1 years). The diagnosis was based on clinical history and physical findings. In the case with urethral bleeding, retrograde urethrogram was obtained. All patients underwent surgical exploration and repair within a few hours after presentation. Under general anesthesia, circumferential degloving incision was carried out, along the circumcision scar. Diazepam 10mg at night was used to prevent complications for 10 days. Patients were advised to avoid sexual intercourse for 8 weeks after surgical repair.

Result: The cause of penile fracture in these patients was rigorous masturbation in 4 patients, enthusiastic sexual intercourse in 3, trauma during rolling over in bed in 2 patients, manipulation of erected penis in 3 patients, during trying to lift up a watermilon by putting the erected penis in a whole made in it in 1 case, and direct trauma to erect penis in 1 patient. Only 7.1% experienced complications (decreased sensation was noticed on the left side of the penis in 1 patient). Erectile function was preserved in all patients without pain.

Conclusion: Immediate surgical repair of penile fracture gives an excellent long-term outcome. Most cases of penile fracture can be diagnosed on the basis of clinical findings, Blood at the tip of the penis indicates urethral injury, and so retrograde urethrogram is indicated in such cases.


fracture, penis, urethra, rupture, corpus cavernosus, diagnosis

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