Computerized Clinical Decision Support Systems and their Clinical Application in Health Care Delivery System

Hala M. Obeidat, Hala S. Gheeshan, Omer Y. Malkhawi, Inaam A. Khalaf


Computerized Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs) are defined as computer-based tools using scientific knowledge to generate patient specific advice or interpretation to help health professionals in making clinical decisions. The use of computers has been driven not only by the increasing need to manage large amounts of information, but also by the imperative to make evidence-based and cost-effective decisions on a daily basis. Computer aided medical tools address the growing information needs of the busy health care provider, decrease medical errors and improve healthcare processes as well as patient outcomes. So this paper aimed at presenting different issues related to application, benefits and recent advances of CDSSs within the health care delivery system.


Health professionals, clinical decisions, and computerized clinical decision support systems

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