Regenerative Medicine in Jordan(Preface)

Abdallah A. Abbadi


Recently Jordan University (JU) has approved the
establishment and support of a regenerative
medicine center under the name of Cell Therapy
Center (CTC). JU has budgeted for it and the
CTC is expected to be housed in a building
especially built for that purpose. Once
established, it will be the first of its kind in the
country and perhaps the first in any Arab country.
The CTC is designed to house multi-function
units: both for clinical grade tissue products and
for research purposes. It has ample space to
accommodate scientists from various fields of
biological, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical
The aim of the CTC is set to bring Jordan in line
with the latest and most advanced field of stem
cell research. The target is to generate cells and
cell products for therapeutic purposes to treat
conditions which are currently do not have
treatment or have an unsatisfactory treatment.
The step taken by JU is a timely and welcomed
one. It reflects forward and positive thinking on
behalf of the university leadership. It definitely
carries the research of JU to a sophisticated and
advanced level with direct application and benefit
to patients.
The coming years will witness a huge increase in
the number of aging population in Jordan. This
population will cause a tremendous burden on the
health care system and deserve a special attention
or else the whole health care budget will be
overstretched leading to deterioration of care and
dissatisfaction among the people.
It is well known that people above the age of 65
years consume most of the health budget even
when their numbers are small. Frequently, these
people suffer from diseases of the aged that
include cardiovascular, metabolic, degenerative,
malignant and neurological diseases. CTC will
respond to the needs of these people.
Regenerative medicine will be able to generate
cells or cell products that may cure many of these
diseases. It will be able to tissue engineer
replacement for many organs which currently
have no donors. It will be able to generate self or
non-self cell lines that can be applied for the
needs of the individual. It will revolutionize our
thinking of how well should an aged person live.
It will improve the quality of life for those who
age that they can have functionally productive
life, a life that is not that different from a much
younger person.
A surge of research has been seen in the world on
stem cell and tissue engineering work.
I feel that this is the future of medicine. The
hopes are so high that stem cells will be able to
solve so many of our health problems in a fashion
different from the conventional one; the use of
I welcome the establishment of the CTC by JU
and commend this decision as a positive and
forward thinking step.

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