Probiotics: The Forth Coming Oral Health Alternative Therapy

Hanan Jafar, Adel Mahasneh


Probiotics, live cells having various health-promoting effects and benefits to the host, have been, and still are, under extensive investigations. These “friendly microorganisms” are usually isolated from the human intestine and traditionally-fermented foods of plant and animal origin. They are recognized for their positive effects on the intestinal flora among many other direct and indirect benefits eliciting better human body functioning. Studies are being conducted in the last decade o substantiate the real role played by these exotic microorganisms and to ascertain the safety of its use being of probiotic potential.
The concept of disease prevention, rather than treatment, is most appealing to health providers and clinical settings world-wide. Dentistry is not an exception; preventive oral medicine is a significant pillar in modern dental practices. In fact, a large proportion of every day dental care, in addition to clinical treatments, aims at preventing oral diseases, including caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and halitosis. Based on varying results of so many clinical trials using different types and formulas of experimental oral probiotics and to shed some light on the questionable role and effectiveness of probiotics on the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, this mini review is presented. We believe that exploring the possible mechanisms of action of probiotic bacteria in the oral cavity and identifying specific potential uses of probiotics in preventive dentistry and stomatology is eminent and needs further investigations pertaining to developing a safe, efficient and reliable general and perhaps designer oral probiotics..


Probiotics, Oral health, Microbiology, Preventive dentistry

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