Pediatric Traumatic Extradural Hematoma at King Abdullah University Hospital

Haytham Eloqayli, Mohammad Jamos, Faisal Abu-ekteish, Munsif Alsalem


Objectives: Retrospective analysis of all childhood cases of traumatic acute Epidural Haematoma (EDH) admitted to King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), Jordan between 2005-2006.

Methods: Twenty-two pediatric patients were diagnosed with EDH by brain CT. 16 children underwent surgery.

Results: Survival rate was 87 % and ninety percent of survivors had a good or moderate outcome. The incidence of traumatic EDH corrected to the average served population was 3-5 times the reported incidence from developed countries with road traffic accidents forming more than 45% of the causes. One explanation for this high incidence is the lack of use of safety measures for children in cars like children seats and belts.

Conclusion: In this study, we are attempting to bring focus to the topic of preventable RTA related head injuries in developing countries. This is the first reported study about pediatric AEDH from the north of Jordan. It can form scientific evidence that can strengthen the work of the different children and road safety societies.


Epidural Haematoma, Head Injury, Outcome

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