Subcutaneous Sweet’s Syndrome Associated with Progressive Bilateral Sensory Neural Hearing Loss: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Hiathem Abu Al-haija, Nidal A. Obaidat, Mohammed Tawara, Mamoun Athamneh, Omar AshUKaibi, Bayan Abu Al-haija


Sweet’s syndrome is an autoimmune inflammatory condition, characterized by erythematous plaques infiltrated by neutrophils limited to the dermis. If the infiltrate just present in or extend to the subcutaneous tissue, then it will be labeled as subcutaneous Sweet’s syndrome. Due to the rarity of this condition, its association with other medical conditions is inconclusive.

Herein, we present a male patient who underwent cochlear implant after having progressive bilateral sensory neural hearing loss. Two months after the implant, he developed cutaneous lesions consistent with subcutaneous Sweet’s syndrome, which were well controlled with systemic steroids and cyclosporine.

Four previous cases of Sweet’s syndrome followed by progressive bilateral sensory neural hearing loss were reported in the literature. Twenty-one cases of subcutaneous Sweet’s syndrome associated with different medical conditions were reported so far. The present case is the first, up to our knowledge, of progressive bilateral sensory neural hearing loss that was followed by subcutaneous Sweet’s syndrome.


Neutrophilic dermatosis, progressive bilateral sensory neural hearing loss, Sweet’s syndrome, subcutaneous Sweet’s syndrome

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