The Effect of Combined Supplementation of Iron and Zinc Versus Iron alone on Anemic Pregnant Patients in Dohuk

Melad A. Yalda, Aveen Akhram Ibrahiem


Background: Combined supplementation with iron and zinc during pregnancy may be effective in preventing deficiencies of these micronutrients.

Objective: To assess the effect of combined supplementation of Iron and Zinc versus Iron alone on anemic pregnant patients.

Design: Single blind randomized clinical control trial.

Setting: This study was carried out in Kurdistan region, Dohuk city/ Iraq from 1st of November 2005 to 31st of October 2006. Hundred anemic pregnant patients completed their first trimester assigned and divided randomly into two groups. First group (A) supplemented daily with 120 mg Iron. Second group (B) received 120mg iron + 22.5mg zinc. The therapy continued for six months. Three Venous blood samples were collected during the study.

Results: at time of booking, a baseline blood sample was collected, in which we estimated the hemoglobin, PCV, serum Iron, total serum iron binding capacity and serum zinc. Another two samples were collected three months apart. Collected data were analyzed by SPSS software; independent t-test was applied. Hemoglobin, PCV and serum iron had significantly influenced by the supplement therapy in both groups (p 0.001). Group B had a significant improvement in their serum iron status (p 0.0001). A desirable response in hemoglobin and PCV values have been observed in group B three months after treatment. This, however, did not stand between the two groups by the end of the study.
A sustained significant rise in zinc level was achieved in group B (p 0.00). On the contrary, there was a decline in zinc level in group A, especially in the first three months. After that, zinc level started to build up again and showed a significant improvement in respect to the second reading but did not approach the first booking level.

Conclusion: The study clearly demonstrated the efficacy of the combined therapy for treating anemia and improving zinc status in pregnancy.


Supplementation of Iron and Zinc, Iron alone, Anemic pregnant patient, Dohuk.

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