Primary Anorectal Melanoma: A Rare Case Report with Review of Literature

Arwa Nadi, Mahmoud Habashneh


Anorectal melanoma is very rare malignant tumor, accounting 0.2-1% of all malignant melanomas and has a poor prognosis. The median survival of 8-23 months after the time of diagnosis. The typical treatment modalities includes surgery radiotherapy and chemotherapy. We present the case of a 75 year-old female with history of bleeding per rectum for 5 months with rectosigmoidoscopy showing an exophytic growth measuring about 5cm in diameter, multiple biopsies were taken showing tiny foci of submucosal infiltration by malignant cells. Abdomino-perineal resection was performed and pathologic examination revealed anorectal melanoma. Early diagnosis and treatment of this aggressive tumor for better out come and long term survival is highly recommended.


Primary anorectal melanoma, abdomino-perineal resection

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