Hip Disarticulation, report of 3 Cases and Literature Review

J. Al-Ajlouni, R. Alhamdan


Hip disarticulation is a rarely performed procedure and few surgeons are expert in doing it, the operation may be needed urgently for a sick unstable patient.
We present three cases of hip disarticulation for sever infection, vascular disease and chondrosarcoma in which we were involved over a short period of time and a literature review to discuss the success and mortality of this procedure.
Hip disarticulation accounts for 0.5% of lower extremity amputations and mostly performed for malignant musculoskeletal tumors, limb ischemia, infections and trauma. It has a poor functional outcome but it may be the only available option to cure the patient or save his life.
Hip Disarticulation is a major complex surgery and should be part of the armamentarium of the orthopaedic surgeon who is treating severe lower limb infections, dealing with lower limb sarcomas and peripheral vascular diseases. It is a major procedure for the patient. It should not be undertaken lightly and patient and surgeon need to know the likely outcome.


Hip, Disarticulation

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