Unusual lesions of the Appendix

Abdulrahman E., Radhi J


Appendectomy is one of the most frequent surgical procedures performed. Pathological examination may reveal a rare or an unusual congenital or acquired finding.
the pathology of reported appendicitis and appendectomy was reviewed for the period of 2000 -2011. Eleven cases were selected from the file with rather unusual findings or lesions. Three were pediatric, and eight adult patients. The hematoxyline& eosin, sections, special and immunohistochemical staining for these selected cases were reviewed.
Two patients with acute leukemia were found to have Candidial appendicitis, and the third case revealed congenital diverticulosis and neuroendocrine tumor. Eight adult’s appendices demonstrated granulomatous appendicitis (2), xanthogranulomatous inflammation (2), endometriosis with decidualizedstroma (2), schistomiasis (1) appendix within hernial sac (1) and filariasis (1).
Routine examination of appendectomy specimens may reveal rare appendiceal pathology of congenital or acquired nature causing or associated with, appendicitis.

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