Goblet Cell Carcinoid of the Rectum: A rare Case.

N. Abdessayed, M. Bel Haj Salah, W. Koubaa, A. Kochlef, O. Khayat, R. Jouini


to discuss clinical and pathological features of this uncommon tumor
We report an unusual case of goblet cell carcinoid (GCC) of the rectum.
A 63-year-old man was referred to the gastroenterology department for occasional anal bleeding noticed about one month earlier. On digital rectal examination, there was a bulging on the anterior wall of the lower rectum, no abdominal tumor mass or superficial lymph nodes were felt.Colonoscopy revealed an induration and a bulging of the rectal mucosa within ulceration, mainly in the lower rectum. Histological examination of colonoscopic biopsies showed an infiltrative tumor made of signet-ring-like cells resembling normal intestinal goblet cells. These cells didn’t show marked cytological atypia nor mitotic activity. They were individuals or arranged in small rounded nests containing rare glandular lumina. They were admixed to few Paneth cells. Tumoral cells were strongly PAS and Alcian blue positive.Immunohistochemical study showed an expression for synaptophysin,chromogranin A by signet-ring-like cells. CDX2 was also diffusely positive.
Goblet cell carcinoid (GCC) is an uncommon and unique type of hybrid epithelial–neuroendocrine tumor of intermediate malignancy.It is found mainly in the appendix and rarely in the rectum and rare examples of extra-appendiceal GCC (EGCC) have been published in the literature as case reports.

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