Mucinous Cystadenoma of the Parotid Gland

Wafa Rekik, Rabii Ben Hamouda, Ines Chelly, Jalel Kdous, Slim Haouet, Nidham Kchir


Cystadenoma is a rare salivary gland neoplasm, characterized by predominantly multi-cystic growth in which the epithelium demonstrates adenomatous proliferation. It has been reported mainly in the minor salivary glands and occasionally in the parotid glands. The cytologic features vary.
A 68-year-old male presented with a 3 cm, cystic left parotid mass enlarging for the past few months. The clinical examination shows a mass of the right parotid gland circumscribed, mobile and with soft consistency. The endo-oral examination was unremarkable. Ultrasonography shows ahypoechoic picture, poly-lobulated, 30mm x25mm, fluid-filled. Surgical excision is performed.
Histological examination of the specimen tumor showed a multi-locular, cystic neoplasm. The lumens contain eosinophilic material with scattered epithelial and foamy cells. The lining epithelium of these cystic structures is mucinous without papillary projections.
cystadenoma is rare in the parotid glands, and cytologic features may vary. The epithelial lining is frequently papillary and rarely mucinous. When compared with previously published cases in the literature, this is the second report of mucinous cystadenoma arising in the parotid gland.

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