Primary Renal Teratoma: a Rare Entity

K. Idrissi Serhrouchni, H. El Fatemi, K. Benhayoun, L. Chbani, T. Harmouch, A. Amarti


Renal teratomas are rare and most have been dismissed as cases of teratoidnephroblastomas or retroperitoneal teratomas secondarily invading the kidney. The differentiation between these two neoplasms in the kidney is often problematic. We present a case of this rare entity.
We present a case of intra-renal immature teratoma in a six-month-old baby girl retained after histological study. This entity was mis-diagnosed at clinical and radiological interpretation.
Teratomas are neoplasms that arise from pluripotent cells and can differentiate along one or more embryonic germ lines. Renal teratoma is an exceedingly rare condition. Teratomas commonly arise in the gonads, sacrococcygeal region, pineal gland, and retroperitoneum. They present mainly as an abdominal mass with few other symptoms. Majority of the tumors are benign, situated on the left side and para renal, occasional lesions are bilateral. If diagnosed early, they are amenable to curative excision.
The purpose of this review was to stress on the fact that though primary renal teratomas are extremely rare, this entity must be taken into consideration in the differential diagnosis of any renal mass in childhood.

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