Nerve SheathMyxoma(Neurothekoma): a Case Report of aRare Lesion

Olfa El Amine, Salma Athimni, Aida Goucha, Wafa Rekik, Amor Gamoudi, Ahmed El May


Neurothekomawasknown as nerve sheathmyxoma. It is a rare benigncutaneoustumorwithuncertainhistogenesis. It isusuallyarisingfrom the cutaneouscells of the head, neck region and upperextremities. It has been rarelyreported in the oral cavities, tongue and the breast.
Westudied the morphological, histopathological and immunohistochemicalcharacteristics of this rare tumor.
This is a case of a scalp lesion in a 30-year–oldwomanwhohad a lumpectomy for a benignbreasttumor. Tenyearslater, shepresents a scalp exophyticlesion. The Histopathologicevaluationconfirms the neurothekomadiagnosis and showedatumor-consisting of spindle to epithelioidcellsforming micro nodules in a concentricwhorledshape pattern embedded in abundantmyxoid background. The cellsexpressedintensively the PS100 and the vimentin.
Total excision wasperformed, no recurrencehappenedafter 6 monthsfollow-up.
Neurothekomadiagnosisisbased on pathological and immunohistochemicalexamination. It is a benigntumorwith excellent prognosis, markedessentially by rare recurrence.

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