Unusual Scalp Nodule

Wafa Rekik, Ahmed Berriche, Ines Chelly, Adel Chokki, Heifaazouz Heifaazouz, heifa Nfoussi, Alia Zehani, Slim Haouet, Nidham Kchir


Heterotopic glial nodules of the scalp are non- hereditary congenital malformations composed of mature brain tissue isolated from the cranial cavity. The majorities of these lesions are found in the nasal region and occur rarely on the scalp. They are frequently diagnosed in newborn infants. However, they may rarely be found in adults. The pathogenesis of these lesions remains unknown.
We describe the case of a temporal scalp nodule in a 50 years old man.
At the time of the excision, the mass was not associated with intracranial connection. Macroscopically, the lesion was firm, nodular, covered by skin and had a grey-white cutsurface. Histological examination revealed a well circumscribed lesion composed of mature glial tissue. these features confirmed the diagnosis of a glial heterotopia
Heterotopic neural nodules of the scalp are rare congenital lesions with recognizable clinical and histologic features. Preoperative imaging is essential to document possible intracranial involvement and thus minimize possible penetration of the dura during resection.

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