Kikuchi’s lymphadenitis developing in lymph nodes draining breast carcinoma; a study of three cases

R. Salama, L. Zakarneh, K. Contractor, E. Nigar, N. Aqel


Kikuchi’s Disease (KD) was first described independently in 1972 by Kikuchi1 and Fugimoto2. It is an acute self-limiting febrile illness associated with specific lymph node features recognised as Kikuchi’s lymphadenitis (KL) 3. Only two cases of KL have been described in lymph nodes draining tumours: a stomach carcinoma4 and a malignant fibrous histiocytoma5. This is a study of three novel cases of KL involving axillary lymph nodes draining invasive breast carcinoma.
We are documenting the development of KL in axillary lymph nodes draining breast carcinoma in three patients. This finding, in addition to previous observations on functions of PMs, confirms the immunological nature of this disease. KL in our cases appears to represent a direct immunological response to breast cancer antigens.

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