A Retrospective Study About 6 Cardiac Myxomas

Mlika M, Helal I, Aida Ayadi-Kaddour, Atef Ben Youssef, Emna Braham, Tarek Kilani, Faouzi El Mezni


Cardiac myxomas are the most common benign tumors of the heart. In spite of their benign nature, these tumors may induce metastasis or recurrences. Their diagnosis is challenging because of the lack of specific signs and the positive diagnosis is based on microscopic findings.
We report 6 cases of cardiac myxomas diagnosed over a 10-year period
We report a case series about 6 patients documented by radiologic and microscopic findings. Besides, one case was particular by its location in the right atrium. The tumors were detected by trans-esophageal ultra-sound examination in all cases. They were located in the left atrium in five cases and in the right side in one case. All patients underwent a successful surgical excision with en-bloc removal of the tumor. The outcome was fatal in one patient because of an atrial arrhythmia.
In summary, myxoma is the commonest cardiac neoplasm. Due to varying symptoms, its diagnosis is frequently quite challenging. Surgical removal of these tumors is recommended without delay because of its multiple complications.

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