Primary Midbrain Germinoma: Unusual Location

Noreen Dissi, Shaymaa Alloh, Maysa Al-Hussaini


To report a rare case of primary germinoma of the midbrain with emphasis on the importance of exclusion of germ cell tumors in midline locations in young patients.
A 22 year old male patient presented with hydrocephalus due to a cystic brain stem lesion. He underwent stereotactic biopsy. Analysis of the clinical, radiological and histopathological characteristics of the tumor was performed.
Primary intracranial germ cell tumors (PICGCTs) are extremely rare tumors that share many biological aspects with their gonadal counterparts. Clinical, radiological, pathological characteristics and immunohistochemical profile of the tumor is presented along with the review of recent literature.
The rare PICGCTs affect adolescent males predominantly, they are known to predilect for the pineal and the supra-sellar regions. As is the case, they should be included in the differential diagnosis of tumors in other intracranial midline locations especially in the young, in particular because of the generally favorable prognosis and potential cure they have.

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