Central Neurocytoma: Experience from Jordan

Shaymaa Alloh, Maher Elayyan, Asem Mamsour, Amer Al shurbaji, Maysa Al Hussaini


To review a series of cases of central neurocytoma from two major Jordanian health institutions with highlights on diagnosis and treatment modalities.
A retrospective study on central neurocytoma cases (2003-2011) from the two centers was performed. The clinical records, CT scans, MR, and histological slides were reviewed retrospectively.
A total of twelve cases of central neurocytoma were identified. The majority were females. The age at presentation ranged between 18-40 years. The surgical approach varied between trans-callosal and trans-cortical. Histopathology showed three out of twelve were atypical, in which mitotic figures were detected and Ki-67 was >2%. Postoperative radiotherapy was offered for the atypical cases.
Central neurocytoma is a rare intra-ventricular tumor. The management of these tumors is still controversial because most clinical series are small. Most patients have good prognosis, however; others still show an aggressive course. The gold standard treatment is surgery. External beam radiotherapy can be added to subtotal excision. Observation until progression is a possible alternative. Paying attention to histopathologic features is of paramount importance to separate atypical cases that warrant further treatment and closer follow up.

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