Adult Type Tumors of The Granulosa: About 6 Cases

A Khadhar, F Limaiem, S Ben Slama, A Lahmar, S Bouraoui, S Mzabi-Regaya


To study anatomical, clinical and evolutionary characteristics of granulosa adult type tumors.
This is a retrospective study of six cases of granulosa adult type tumors collected in pathology department of the Mongi Slim Hospital over a period of 12 years (from 2002 to 2013). The clinical information were collected from medical records of gynecology at the same hospital.
The average age of our patients was 54 years, ranging from 39 to 64 years. Pelvic ultrasound allowed to objectify the tumor in all cases. All patients had received surgical treatment. Tumor size varied between 25 cm and 8.5 cm (mean size = 17.9 cm). Histopathological study allowed us to make the diagnosis of granulosa adult type tumors in all cases.
The tumors of granulosa represent 70% of sex cord tumors and 5% of malignant tumors of the ovary. For a long time, these tumors have been regarded as tumors with low-grade of malignancy. Their course is often slow and indolent. Nevertheless, a significant proportion of these lesions has a less favourable evolution. For this, it is important to look for prognostic factors that may help to determine their clinical behavior.

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