The Role of Image Guided Biopsy in Ovarian Cancer

Azza Zulfu, Amar Hussein, Abdella Moh Aballa, Khalid Yassin, Moawia Elsadig, Duria Rayis, Amir Elnahas, shaza Ahmed


To study the role of ultra-sound guided biopsy (Fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC & Core needle biopsy CNB) in the diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer.
The study covered 51 patients from June 2012 to August 2013. Pateints suspected as having advanced ovarian cancer on clinical and radiological evaluation. Combined FNA and CNB performed under ultra-sound guidance from adenexal masses. Ascitic, plural fluids, liver and peritoneal deposits were aspirated when possible. Smears stained by MGG, Pap, cell blocks and cores processed and stained by H&E stain. No post biopsy complications reported . all materials were examined and reported. surgical specimens histopathology was correlated with cytology and core biopsy results.
FNA was possible on all patients (100),diagnosis as malignant made on 43/51 (84%),8 patients gave inconclusive results, histopathology on surgical specimens advised . CNB was possible on 16(31%) patients only( due to massive ascites and prolonged bleeding time ),diagnosis as malignant made on 8 patients(50%), 8 patients gave inconclusive results .surgical specimen histopathology was available for 21 pateints;13 from cases diagnosed as malignant on cytology, histopathology confirmed malignancy on all of them (100).8 surgical histopathology from inconclusive results as follows:2cases of dysgerminoma,3poorly differentiated carcinoma and3 metastatic carcinomas .
Ultra-sound guided biopsy (FNAC&CNB) is an efficient, quick and safe method for diagnosing advanced ovarian cancer. FNA is superior to CNB. Image guided biopsy -within the context of an interdisciplinary team - can be used confidently in the management of ovarian cancer.

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