Statistical Profile of Broncho-pulmonary Cancer

Karima Idrissi, Hinde El fatemi, Khadija Benhayoun, Chbani laila, Toufik Harmouch


Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world; it represents approximately 12.7% and causing 18.2% of deaths. The aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of lung cancer in patients of the north east region of Morocco and define the clinicopathological findings.
A total of 95 cases of broncho-pulmonary cancer were examined during a 25-month (January 2011-February 2013). Different parameters (age, sex, histological type, immunohistochemistry, imaging profiles and staging) was carried out using Epi-Info (version 3.5.4).
Biopsies specimen represented 96.8% more than surgical specimens (3.2%). There was a male predilection with 76.8%, female (23.2%) Patient’s average age was 54.6 years with a median age of 56 years. The clinical symptoms were mainly chest pain, dyspnea and chronic impairment of the general condition. The proximal head was recorded in 54.7%, distal head in 32.6% and pleura in 12.6% (12 cases). Malignant epithelial tumors were the most common histological type in our series representing approximately, 86.5%. Most of these tumors (87, 2%) were diagnosed as adenocarcinoma (50.1%) while 13,8% were squamous cell carcinoma, and few patients had neuroendocrine carcinomas (4.2%), Carcinoid tumors were determined in 4.3%. Other histological types were diagnosed like T cell lymphoma with not otherwise specified, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Metastases accounted for 3.2%. The immunohistochemical study showed that 78.3% were CK 7 positives, 45.2% were TTF1 positives, 32.1% were CK 5/6 positive. Synaptophysin in 43.8% and chromogranin in 38.5%.
38.8% of lung cancers were diagnosed at the later stage with metastasis (stage IV). There was a significant relationship between histological type and sex (p = 0.0003), seat and the histological type (p = 0.0007), histological type and CK7 expression (p = 0.0001). The correlation between the histological type and the expression of TTF1 was not significant (p = 0.16).
The average age of onset of pleuropulmonary cancer was 54.6 years, which joins the data stored in the Maghreb countries and disjoins with the Western countries reports. Other epidemiological, clinical and pathological profiles reported in our series are similar to those in the literature.

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