Perceptions and Expectations among Pregnant Women Receiving Second-Trimester Ultrasound Scans at Jordan University Hospital

Fida Thekrallah, Ayman Qatawneh, Asma Basha, Mahmoud Al-Mustafa, Shawqi Saleh, Majed Bata, Fawaz Al-Kazaleh, Bayan Badran


Objectives: To evaluate women’s information about the purpose of the second-trimester ultrasound scan, their expectations before the scan, the extent to which these expectations are fulfilled after the scan, and their perceptions of the foetus.

Methods: A sample of pregnant women (540) attending a second-trimester ultrasound scan at Jordan University Hospital were asked to complete two parts of a questionnaire during a 3-month period in 2011. The first part included patients’ characteristics, the purpose of the scan, and expectations before the scan. The second part included patients’ perceptions of the foetus and how the expectations of the scan were fulfilled.

Results: Both parts of the questionnaires were completed by 503 (93%) of the women. Three fourths of the participants were accompanied by their husband or a family member. Sixty (12%) women were referred specifically to rule out congenital anomalies. Comparison between patients’ expectations before and after the scan using the chi-square test showed significant improvement in all expectations variables (P–value < 0.001).

Conclusion: A routine second-trimester ultrasound scan is an important event for most participating women. Improvements are required in the provision of pre-ultrasound information.


Routine ultrasound, perception, expectations, Jordan

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