Traumatic Foreign Bodies in the Paranasal Sinuses

Basil M.N. Saeed


It is a retrospective study in which rare or unusual cases of traumatic foreign bodies in the paranasal sinuses, which exclusively resulted from explosions and violent acts over the last five years, were analyzed and studied. In the presence of security instability and violent acts with explosions and clashes in the unstable areas in Iraq, many casualties including civilians and military subjects are affected.

In this review, eight cases of traumatic foreign bodies in the paranasal sinuses were collected and the majority was managed by the author. Six patients were civilians, while 2 were military personals. All patients were males except for one female casualty. The ethmoid sinuses were affected in the majority of cases (5 cases), while the maxillary sinus was affected in 2 patients, and the sphenoid sinus in one patient. Surgical intervention was done in 4 patients, while 4 patients were not operated.

This study outlines the presentations, effects, and complications of the foreign bodies in the sinuses, together with a description of the surgical procedure adopted in the operated patients


Foreign bodies (FB), Paranasal Sinuses (PNS).

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