Spatial Analysis of Health Centers in the Governorate of Amman, Jordan

Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Habees


Objective: This study aimed at shedding light on the health centers in the Health Directorate of Amman, Jordan. That is, it explained the spatial analysis of the primary health centers in order to show the quantitative and qualitative spatial distribution of the existing health centers in the study area, analyze the spatial variation of the characteristics of the health centers, and introduce some recommendations allowing decision makers to make the optimal use of these health centers.

Methods: This study adopted the inductive approach for the special and statistical properties of health services. The community consisted of all official health centers in the Health Directorate of Amman. There are 58 health centers that are comprehensive, primary, or secondary. The study used the appropriate statistical equations and methods appropriate to answer its specific questions.

Results: The study concluded that there is a lack of medically qualified and specialized staff in the majority of health centers, and there is a considerable variation in the pattern of distribution of health centers in general. That is, the spatial distribution is concentrated to some urban areas. Besides that, the concentration ratio of health services indicates that the concentration ratio of the recipients of health services is not balanced with the concentration ratio of doctors.


Spatial analysis of health centers, the capital city

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