Youth Attitudes towards Water Pipe Smoking in Amman - Jordan

Sana'a K. Malik, Yanal A. Shafagoj, Dana B. Abdeen, Faisal A. Khatib, Loai A. Zghoul, Christian Coles


Aims: To investigate attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions related to water pipe (WP) smoking among school children in Amman, Jordan.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2006 – 2007 of ten public and private schools in Amman, Jordan and a total of 513 seventh and tenth grade students were interviewed (32.8% males and 67.2% females). Surveys were conducted to assess the attitudes; knowledge, use of, and norms about water pipe use amongst youth, and the data were analyzed using STATA and SPSS.

Results: Two hundred sixty five of the students surveyed (52.2%) had tried water pipe smoking before. About a quarter (26.5%) of the participants had tried a water pipe when they were 10 years of age. Smoking mothers had more of an influence in attracting youth towards water pipe smoking.

Conclusions: An anti-smoking campaign should start at early ages. WP hazards must be incorporated into the school curriculum. WP smoking in public places such as restaurants should be restricted.


Water pipe, Youth, Jordan

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