Effectiveness of Specialized Small Motor Games for the Improvement of Dynamic Balance in Flexible Flat Foot

Mutaseة Khatatbeh, Ibrahim Dabayebeh


Objective: This study examined the effectiveness of specialized small motor games for improvement of dynamic balance in Flexible Flat Feet (FFF).

Method and Materials: Ten healthy female school children (10 - 12 yrs), who have FFF, participated in the study. A specialized small motor games exercise program was designed using the main elements of the tradition rehabilitative methods to improve dynamic balance. The duration of the exercise program was 12 weeks using a diverse set of games each week. Children performed 3 exercise sessions per week which consisted of 45 minutes and included warm up exercises, small motor games and a cool down period.

Results: The T test analysis of pre and post exercise participation for the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) showed a significant improvement in FFF dynamic balance (P < 0.05). Improvement has been shown in the dynamic balance for both feet (P < 0.05) in different foot sides. The improved dynamic balance for the right foot sides were the lateral and posterior lateral and for the left foot were anterior, later posterior, medial posterior and medial sides (P < 0.05).

Conclusions: The results of this study indicate the effectiveness of specialized small motor games for the improvement of dynamic balance in the FFF condition.


Exercise Program, Small Motor Games, Flexible Flat Foot, Dynamic Balance

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