Prevalence of Exfoliation Syndrome in Patients Scheduled for Cataract Surgery: A Hospital-based Study in Northern Jordan

Wisam A. Shihadeh, Hisham M. Jammal, Shadi Q. Alkhatib, Fahmi M. Okour, Almutez M. Gharaibeh, Noor M. Alqudah, Asem A. Alqudah


Purpose: To assess the frequency of exfoliation syndrome (XFS) in Jordanian patients scheduled for cataract surgery.

Methods: A retrospective chart review was conducted on 445 consecutive patients who had cataract surgery at our center over one year. Data collected included age, sex, presence of XFS, predominant type of lens opacity and intraocular pressure (IOP).

Results: Mean age of the total study population was 64.1 years (range 40-97). Average age was higher in the XFS group in comparison to the non-XFS group. XFS was present in 46 patients out of 445 patients (10.3%), of whom 54% were unilateral. Mean IOP was higher in the XFS group. Nuclear sclerosis was the predominant lens opacity in both groups with a higher frequency in those with XFS.

Conclusions: XFS is relatively common in Jordanian patients scheduled for cataract surgery. Careful diagnosis and scrutiny of XFS in cataract patients may help to prepare for and avoid potential surgical complications.


Exfoliation syndrome, intraocular pressure, lens opacity

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