Evaluation of Health Services Delivered in the District of Al-Ardah

Mahmoud A. AlHabees


Aim: The present study aimed at evaluating the health services delivered in the district of Al-Ardah, Jordan. To do so, the study relied both on the secondary data derived from books and research papers related to the study topic and on the primary data gained from a questionnaire which was distributed to the study sample, consisting of the people receiving health services in the regions of Al-Subaihi, Biodah Al-Sharqiah, Biodah Al-Shamaliah, Gusaib, Sihan, Jereesh and Aliqon.

Methods: The study sample consisted of 200 people receiving health services in those regions. In addition, SPSS software was used to find any significant correlations.

Results: The findings showed that there is a correlation between the spatial distribution of health service centers in the district of Al-Ardah and the variables of partnership, justice, excellence, financial efficiency, and financial protection.

Conclusion: The study recommends that specialized physicians have to visit these regions more.


Evaluation of health services, Al-Ardah, health service providing centers.

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