Cartilage Tympanoplasty: the Outcome in 35 Patients

Basil M. Saeed


This is a retrospective analysis of the cases that underwent cartilage tympanoplasty for the last 4 years. Thirty-five patients with perforated ear drums and chronic otitis media were included in the study. Twenty patients were females and 15 were males. The age ranged from 12-65 with a mean of 30.37 years. Three patents had bilateral ears operated on making the number of procedures 38 tympanoplasties. All patients except one had type1 tympanoplasty. One patient had tympanoplasty after a previous mastoid surgery (type 3). One operation was done on a recently infected ear. Follow up periods were from 6-42 months with a mean of 15 months.

All patients had both pre- and post-operative audiograms. The graft take occurred in 30 patients (85.71%).

This paper discusses the operative procedure adopted and the outcome of these surgeries.


Cartilage tympanoplasty, Tympanic membrane (TM).

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