Jordanian Parents’ Needs While Their Child is Hospitalized

Raghad H. Abdelkader, Mahmoud Al-Hussami, Mohammad YN Saleh, Alia I. Mahadeen, Insherah M. Kadere


Objective: To explore the needs of Jordanian parents in relation to their participation in the care during the hospitalization of their child.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study where a questionnaire was administered to parents of hospitalized child, aged one month to thirteen year olds. Pearson correlation coefficient was performed to examine the relationships of parents' needs and their participation.

Results: The superior needs among 192 parents (90%) were that mothers were concerned about trusting in staff, trusting of staff and acquiring information. The high significant correlation (r = 0.80) emphasizes the relationship between parents' participation in the care of their hospitalized child and parents' need especially for support and guidance (P<0.01).

Conclusions: The findings confirmed that parents have a desire to participate in the care of their hospitalized child after fulfillment of their needs, similar to studies in Western and Eastern countries. Jordanian parents had no choice in child care participation; their basic needs were not met such as trust of staff, and support and guidance to parents and other family members.


Hospitalized child, Jordanian parents, Parents' needs, Parents' participation

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