Hypertension Control at a Nephrology Clinic at Jordan University Hospital

Ayman M. Wahbeh, Naeim G. Salah, As'ad T. Ibrahim


Aim: To determine the degree of control of hypertension in hypertensive patients attending the nephrology clinic.

Methods: A cross sectional study carried out by examining the records of patients with hypertension attending the nephrology clinic.

Results: There were 335 subjects included with mean age of 58.8 ±13.4 years and 189 (56.4%) were women. The mean systolic BP was131±13 and mean diastolic BP was 79±7. Two hundred seventy three subjects (81.5%) had BP ≤140/90 and 170 subjects (50.7%) had BP ≤130/80. Seventy patients (20.9%) had diabetes mellitus (DM) with 29 (41.4%) having BP ≤130/80. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) was present in 96 (28.7%) with 50 (52%) had BP ≤130/80.

Conclusions: The findings of this study are reassuring, as they indicate that efforts to control blood pressure can yield substantially better results than have previously been reported. For patients with DM and CKD, there are some deficiencies and there is room for improvement.


Hypertension, control, Jordan.

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