Physician and Drug Industry: A New Perspective

Aly A. Misha'l


Traditionally, the public has looked upon the medical profession as a noble, reliable and valuable source of care for human life, health and well-being.

In all civilizations, ancient and contemporary, the profession was associated with morality and ethical standards, and it is worthy of public trust.

Unlike any other human profession, physicians are looked upon as honest and merciful providers of healthcare and alleviators of human ailments, whether emotional, physical or mental. Also, they are considered health providers who work for their patients’ best interests at all levels.

Codes of physician’s conduct, duties, rights and moral standards have been designed and adopted since the ancient human history, and became more organized in the past several decades.

Morality is a primary requirement in all walks of life, but is particularly true for the medical profession, which is the closest to humans in their health, welfare, life and death.

Medical practitioners, researchers and educators directed their leading and dignified professional roles towards their patients and communities.



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