Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors among Jordan University Students

Samiha Suhail Jarrah, Nada Adel Yasein, Wasileh Issa Petro, Omayah Saeed Nassar


Background. Understanding of the extent of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among university youth students is essential for early detection and prevention. The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among the university students.
Methods. This quantitative exploratory study with a convenience sample of 403 undergraduate students at the University of Jordan.
Results. The results showed that male students were over weight and obese than females (22% and 10.6% respectively), students consume more tea and coffee, smoke, exercised irregularly, had stress and 17% of females had irregular sleep.
Conclusions. The study concluded that the majority of university students are exposed to risk factors contributing to the disease.


risk factors, university students, life style, and cardiovascular diseases.

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