First Percutaneous Balloon Pericardiotomy (PBP) or Pericardioplasty in Jordan: A Case Report and Review of Literature (Case Report)

Raed Aqel, Nidal Al-Khatib, Ra'ed G Haddad, Abdullah Al-Abbadi, Mohammad Jaber, Mohammed Al-Jabari, Nathir Obeidat


Patients with large pericardial effusions regardless of their etiology frequently undergo surgical pericardial window to avoid recurrence that occurs in more than 50% if pericardiocentesis alone was done through the percutaneous approach.

Some patients are very sick to undergo surgery options. A newly developed old procedure, Percutaneous Balloon Pericardiotomy (PBP), was introduced in 1991 and has been proven to be safe and efficient, with very low rate of recurrence, and little chance of complications. Herein, we describe this procedure done for the first time in Jordan.


Percutaneous Balloon Pericardiotomy, Pericardial Effusion, Pericardiocentesis

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