Oncothermia: Emerging Therapy in Oncology (Review Article)

Marwan Akasheh Akasheh


The healing effect of heat was already mentioned in the advanced cultures of the old Egypt (2400 B.C.), but only the medical professionals of the Greek Antique used this therapeutic approach consistently, acknowledged it and called it over-warming (in Greek: Hyperthermia). Oncothermia is a new paradigm which entails the generation of temperature gradient by self-selection absorption of electric field energy based on the bio-impedance selection and modulated radiofrequency electric current to produce lethal heat flow between the extra- and intracellular matrix of the tumor cell membrane. It provides synergies with other traditional treatment modalities. The spread of this technology worldwide is a strong evidence to support it, based on palliative pain control and prolongation of survival in many solid tumors e.g. liver, pancreas, brain, prostate and lung when other therapies fail.


Oncothermia, Cancer, Deep Electro-Hyperthermia, Conductive Hyperthermia, Modulated Radiofrequency Electric Field

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