Osteoporosis Awareness in a Sample of Teenage Girls in Jordan

Ahmad Al-Zu’bi, Naheyah Almuhtaseb, Ibrahim Amayreh


Objectives: To assess the knowledge in a group of teenage girls about risk factors and lifestyle affecting osteoporosis.

Methods: Convenience sampling method using a self-administered questionnaire. It was distributed among girls attending the 8-10th grade. Participation was optional. We have included a school from east and another school from west of Amman, the capital city in Jordan.

Results: A total of 320 girls participated in this survey. The age range was 13-17 years. (275 girls) 86% have heard of osteoporosis. Main sources of information were the television followed by family and then school. The girls demonstrated good but not detailed knowledge about the subject. Their lifestyle habits were not representing the health choices leading to osteoporosis prevention in their adulthood.

Conclusions: The results of this study demonstrate that there is a good level of knowledge about risk factors affecting osteoporosis among teenage girls in full-time education in Jordan but their lifestyle choices are not ideal to help them in preventing osteoporosis later on. Targeted education programs are therefore needed and should be aimed at both improving knowledge and affecting health choices in a manner suitable and appealing to this age group.


Osteoporosis, Girls, Teenagers, Risk Factors, Knowledge

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