Evaluation of Mechanical Valve Replacement at Jordan University Hospital

Moaath M. Alsmady, Mahmood M. Abu Abeeleh, Raed M. Ennab, Sohayb S. Hassuneh, Islam M. Massad, Baseem B. Bustami


Objective: To investigate the operative mortality and mid-term (up to eight years) results of mechanical valve replacement.

Methods: Retrospective data analysis of 118 consecutive patients who underwent mechanical valve replacement. The early and late morbidity and mortality were analyzed at our institution, from January 2001 to December 2008.

Results: Hospital mortality was 2.5% (3 patients). Complications recorded during the follow up study include: prosthetic valve endocarditis (3.4%), bleeding (3.4%), stroke (3.1%), and reoperation (.8%). No structural valvular dysfunction and no valvular thromboses were reported.

Conclusion: Our data show that valves replacement with mechanical valve may be performed with low morbidity and mortality.


Mechanical Heart Valve, Valve Related Complication, Rheumatic Heart Disease.

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