Intralobular Distribution of CYP1A2 within Rat Liver during Postnatal Growth(Brief Communications)

Mohammed Z. Allouh, Zuhair M. Allouh


The intralobular distribution of CYP1A2 in rat liver was investigated at three postnatal periods
(neonatal, puberty, and adult) using an immunohistochemical technique. The histochemical observations
were confirmed by determining the intensity of staining through measuring the mean gray value. A
homogenous expression of CYP1A2 is revealed in neonatal period that changes through maturation to
adulthood to become more focally distributed around the central vein. These findings demonstrate that
the lobular distribution of CYP1A2 varies as a function of age. This variation can have a profound effect
on the sensitivity of different regions within the hepatic lobule to CYP1A2 metabolite-induced


CYP1A2, Immunohistochemistry, Liver, Rat.

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