Nurses’ Experiences of Continuous Professional Development

Malak Jaradeh, Huda Abu Hamdeh


Objective: To explore nurses’ experiences of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and factors
that influenced CPD uptake.
Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was used. A convenient sample of 80 nurses from two
private hospitals in Amman was approached during February 2009. A self report questionnaire was used
to collect data after verifying the validity and suitability of the items investigated. Descriptive statistics,
content analysis and ANOVA were used to answer the research questions.
Results: Enhancing quality of nursing care was reported as the prime motivator to uptake CPD
activities. The top four motivators were: improving performance, increasing professional knowledge,
increasing self-esteem, and enhancing the status of the profession. These factors overlapped with
respondents' reasons for CPD involvement, and a general consensus of opinion was reached among
respondents on the meanings of CPD. Expressed barriers for uptaking CPD indicated four themes:
Difficult access to CPD; relevance of CPD; work-life balance, and maximizing the outcome of CPD.
Equal and need-based opportunities of CPD activities were recommended. Significant differences were
found between the mean scores of nurses’ perception of their willingness to undertake CPD activities
during annual leave of off days in terms of hospital (p .001), gender (p 0.019) and years of experience (p
0.019). Considering the same characteristics, significant differences were also noted on their readiness to
pay for CPD activities (p 0.049, p 0.046, p 0.046) and in improving performance (p 0.001, p0.002,
p00.02). No significant difference was found in terms of age. Generally, most of the items that differed
significantly were related to intrinsic factors.
Conclusion: The type of CPD activity depends on individuals’ goals coupled with the hospital's nursing
managers’ immediate and felt needs. The driving forces to uptake CPD clearly indicated nurses’
commitment towards quality care to promote the nursing profession.


Continuous Professional Development, Jordanian Nurses, Motivation and Barriers to CPD, Nursing Profession.

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