Health Related Quality of Life Among Cardiac Patients At Queen Alia Heart Institute

Mohammad O. Abu Hasheesh, Omar Y. Almostafa, Manal Z. Ahmed


Background: Cardiac disease is a debilitating condition that seriously affects the lives of patients and
their families and therefore, impacts the health-related quality of life for their patients.
Objectives: The aims of this study are to evaluate the quality of life among cardiac disease patients, and
examine the relationship of certain sociodemographic factors, treatment modalities and the presence of
co-morbidic diseases on the quality of a cardiac patient's life.
Methods: A quantitative non-experimental correlational research design was utilized to guide this study.
Data were collected from Queen Alia Heart Institute in Amman city using European Organization for
Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-c30 version 3). The
convenient sample was 118 cardiac disease patients; this study sample was equally distributed in relation
to gender.
Results: The study findings revealed that the majority of the study sample had a moderate quality of life
with a mean score of 78.78 and 20.63 S.D. There were no significant differences in the quality of life
among cardiac patients related to treatment modalities. On the other hand, significant differences were
found in the quality of life of cardiac patients related to gender (T=2.42, P=.017) and exercise
performance (T=2.14, P=.034). Moreover, the results revealed that the presence of hypertension and
diabetes mellitus had a significant negative relationship to the quality of life among cardiac disease
Conclusion: The study concluded that cardiac patients have moderate quality of life as determined by
the EORTC QLQ-c30 (version 3) questionnaire and reduced health status related to the quality of life
which was associated with low income level, decreased exercise performance, and the presence of
hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


Quality of Life, Cardiac Disease, Co-morbidic Diseases, and Treatment Modalities.

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