Cohen Transtrigonal Ureteric Reimplantation without Ureteric Splint or Cystostomy Drains

Ahmad AL- Raymoony


Objective: To review our experience in the outcome of children undergoing Cohen transtrigonal ureteric
reimplantation without cystostomy tube or ureteric splint, just to keep urethral drain (Foley’s) for 48
Material and Methods: Between July 2001 and July 2008, 67 patients who underwent ureteric
reimplantation at King Hussein Medical Center and Queen Alia Military Hospital were included in this
study. Those patients who needed extensive dissection, ureteric tapering, or had thickened bladder wall
or neuropathic bladder were excluded. Data recorded included the procedure, operative and post
operative pain, hospital stay, post hospital discharge problem and operative success.
Results: 67 patients 46 females, and 21 males, with mean age of 7.8 years (range from 1 to 14 years)
there were 25 bilateral and 42 unilateral reimplantations, only Foley’s catheter left in and no uretral stent
or cystostomy drains were placed which was removed on the second post operative day. Caudal
anaesthetic, oral and rectal analgesia were used for pain relieve, and all patients were discharged home
within 48 hours of surgery.
Conclusion: Surgical repair of vesico-ureteric reflux can be successful with early bladder catheter
removal and without ureteric splint or cystostomy drains and appears to be significant decrease in the
hospital stay and discomfort after surgery.


Cohen, Reimplantaion, Reflux, Cystostomy Drains.

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