Prevalence of Urolithiasis in Patients Presenting with Acute Flank Pain at Jordan University Hospital as Demonstrated by Unenhanced Helical CT Scan

Azmi A. Haroun, Ayman M. Mithqal, Dima M. Abulaban, Tamie I. Al-Najjar, Waleed S. Mahafza


Objectives: To identify the frequency and seasonal variations of renal stone disease in patients
presenting clinically to Jordan university hospital with acute flank pain.
Materials and Methods: Six hundred twenty five consecutive patients who had acute renal colic and
underwent unenhanced urinary tract CT were retrospectively reviewed. The presence or absence of
urolithiasis, site, and number of urinary stones in each sex and in each season were determined.
Results: Renal stone disease was depicted in 40% of patients. The incidence of male to female ratio was
2.3:1. The prevalence ratio of urinary stones in male and female patients in summer and winter seasons
were 1.7:1, and 1.5:1, respectively. The most common site of urinary stones was the pelvicalyceal
system with a prevalence rate of 74%.
Conclusions: Renal stone disease is more common in male than in female patients; its frequency could
be affected by dietary habits, socio-economic, and environmental conditions.


Kidney, Ureter, Calculi, Computed Tomography, Renal Colic.

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