Series of Patients with Adult-Onset Still's Disease Diagnosed at the Islamic Hospital, Amman, Jordan(Original Articles)

Hasan Naddaf, Nahla Najim


Objectives: This study aims at presenting a series of 11 patients diagnosed as an Adult-Onset Still's
Disease (AOSD).
Materials and Methods: Clinical and laboratory findings were as follows: fever ( 100% ), arthralgia
(81.8%), rash (100%), sore throat (90.9%), arthritis (36.4%), myalgia (54.5%), splenomegaly (36.4%),
hepatomegaly (54.5%), lymphadenopathy (54.5%), anaemia (45.4%), neutrophilic leukocytosis (63.6%),
increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (100%).
Results: These clinical and laboratory features of AOSD in present series are more or less similar to that
in other reported series.
Conclusion: Half of the cases showed recurrences, but were completely controlled by either adding
steroids or a combination of steroids and methotrexate to NSAIDS. A comparison with a Saudi Arabian
and other series is given.


AOSD, Adult Onset, Still's Disease, Fever.

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