Medications We May Not Be Able to Afford(Preface )

Abdallah A. Abbadi


We have seen tremendous advances in recent years in the discovery, development, synthesis and design of new medications to target diseases at a basic level. The biochemical, molecular and control factors of a particular disease have been greatly explored and, in many instances, solved. The monitoring methods of an illness have been improved and made more measurable and frequently they do not rely on subjective assessment, but rather on solid scientific and objective data.

The design of medications has been revolutionized with more and more input of large team of scientists from the disciplines of pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, molecular biology and nanotechnology. Each and every new original medication released to the market these days is extremely sophisticated and carries the signature of most of the disciplines above. Frequently, the medication targets a specific molecule, gene, gene product, enzyme or some newly identified mechanism responsible in toto or in great part for the disease. This has lead to great improvement in treatment and frequently to a cure of a disease which was incurable just few years ago. At the same time, it led to a plethora of new drugs and to an ever-escalating cost of these drugs.

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